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Transportation Network

The Transportation Network seeks to ensure that transportation projects are designed to maintain and improve the existing road system, increase public transportation services between cities and villages in the region, and expand infrastructure serving pedestrians and bicyclists both in and out of town.

Current goals and objectives of the Grand Vision Transporation Network:

  1. To facilitate interaction and participation of all stakeholders in a process of gathering additional information when a project has been identified that would affect any of the 11 corridors identified in the Grand Vision Study.
  2. To facilitatate the translation and fleshing out of the general report, provided by TC-TALUS, and to bring it down to a local level in line with the Grand Vision voices of the community.
  3. To facilitate, lobby and advocate for a regional transportation plan.

* Goals were set in 2011 


Connected Communities | Complete Streets

The Complete Streets Coalition Resource Page. Updated with related community information and articles and studies of interest to connected communties and complete streets. Latest, the 2012 Complete Streets Intiative report.



2011 Citizen's Guide to Transportation Planning!

This guide outlines the broad picture of regional transportation planning in Northwest Michigan.  It describes the activies of the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, and explains the transportation planning process and issues in our region. 


Asset Management

Asset Management is a strategic and systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, and operating physical assets cost-effectively. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) uses Asset Management to identify and evaluate road conditions, thereby applying resources where they are most needed to maintain roads and the transportation system in general. See the latest Asset Management Reports provided by Northwest Michigan Council of Governments.


BATA Director Affirms Goals for Regional Collaboration 

Benzie Bus reaches record ridership in 2011 and plans more service to Traverse City. Read more.


Grand Vision Transportation Network Meets with MDOT Director

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Director Kirk Steudle took part in a roundtable discussion hosted by The Grand Vision Transportation network. Watch the video to find out more about the meeting and to hear what Steudle had to say about The Grand Vision.


Ribbon Cutting for Grand Vision-Inspired Silver Drive

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of Silver Drive and the non-motorized Buffalo Ridge Trail in Traverse City. Watch the video to hear why local leaders think the project is important for the region.


Buckley Transfer Station

Student Video: The Buckley transfer station was featured in a student video shown at the Grand Vision Your Action event in Traverse City. The video was produced for the Grand Vision Energy Network by Lilli Lockwood, Courtney Ignace, and Shannon Klug. All are students at West Senior High School. From the archive: Buckley in Action


Grand Vision Transportation Study Documents

The Grand Vision Transportation reports are available online for viewing/downloading/printing. A new window will open in your browser and will connect to the reports on the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments website.


Transportation - A Toolkit for Realtors

Links from the National Association of REALTORS® on the important of transportation in our society. It is both informative and an advocacy piece for both motorized and non-motorized transportation. A video and toolkit for transportation can both be viewed here Transportation - A Toolkit for Realtors

To be a part of the Transportation Network check out the Google Group, or contact Evan Smith his email and phone number are listed below. For a list of dates and times for Transportation Network monthly meetings and future events, please see the Calendar


Contact the Transportation Network Convener

Matt Skeels, TC-TALUS Coordinator/Regional Planner, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, (231) 929-5057,

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