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What is The Grand Vision?

The Grand Vision is a bold, big-picture vision of our region’s future. It is centered around six guiding principles that citizens said were priorities for our future. It was created by 12,000 citizens and affirmed through an independent public opinion survey.

What are the principles?

Transportation: A regional multi-modal transportation system that supports energy conservation
Energy: Sustainable-energy uses in construction, transportation and economic development
Natural Resources: Protected and preserved water, forests, natural and scenic areas
Growth and Investment: Unique and vibrant communities that strengthen the local economy
Food and Farming: Local farms and regional food systems as a viable part of our communities
Housing: A diverse mix of regional housing choices with affordable options

Who’s in charge?

  • The Grand Vision leadership is defined by many organizations, businesses, citizens and governments. Every entity that participates is contributing resources such as staff time, marketing, and grassroots efforts.
  • There is a group called the CORE committee that helps to coordinate aspects of The Grand Vision, such as communications, outreach, resources, and education, as well as coordination of project development. This committee’s membership represents the geographic and organizational diversity of the Grand Vision.

Where does the money come from?

  • $1.2 million of a federal earmark was used to gather data and citizen input. In addition, about $500,000 was raised locally through public and private donations.
  • These original investments have since been leveraged to raise millions of additional dollars from private and public sources for local projects that align with The Grand Vision. These funds have been received by a wide variety of community based organizations and units of government.

What’s been happening with the Grand Vision?

Lots! The six networks have convened to focus on activities that support each of the six Guiding Principles. Click to see Our Stories, Grand Vision-Inspired Student Videos, or Press Releases.

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