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Housing Solutions Network

What is the Housing Solutions Network?

The Housing Solutions Network seeks to aid in development of a diverse mix of regional housing choices with affordable options that fit in with the small town character of the countryside, neighborhoods, villages, and cities of our region.

We do this by:

  • Educating
  • Collaborating
  • Advocating
  • Developing resources

Our group is made up of representatives from nonprofit housing organizations, funders, lending institutions, real estate, local government, and other housing stakeholders from Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, and Wexford Counties. We work collaboratively to raise and leverage funding, sponsor new programs and initiatives, provide educational resources, and build awareness of housing issues.

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Information and Resources (including the 2012 Grand Traverse County Housing Inventory)

Minutes and Agendas

How Can I Help?

Be Informed

A Citizen's Guide to Housing Solutions provides background information on housing needs and issues in the region. Or, for more detailed information, including housing needs assessments and tools, check out the resources available on



Be the public voice of housing – write letters to the editor, attend public events or local government meetings, and raise awareness among friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Attend a Housing Solutions Network meeting to get up-to-date on current housing issues, or contact staff for an Advocacy Toolkit. 

See the Grand Vision calendar for meeting dates and other events.



Donate your time or labor to a specific housing project. Help with construction, housing repairs, or other housing projects.


Framework for Our Future Housing Survey 

A Powerpoint presentation reviewing reliminary results from the 2013 Framework for Our Future Housing Survey is available below. 

Housing Survey Results


Housing Issues on Video

Housing videos - produced to highlight educational opportunities and issue areas - provide meaningful information to local units of government, stakeholder groups, and others to provide basic information on what affordable housing is, some of the barriers that stand in the way of providing adequate housing, and how communities can work to diversify the region’s housing opportunities. We're excited to bring you this information on video.

Rental Housing Challenges in
Northwest Lower Michigan

Finding decent, affordable rental housing in northwest lower Michigan can be difficult. Watch the video to find out more about the challenges renters face and what's being done to improve access to affordable rental housing in the area.


Housing Action: Housing Partnerships

The Grand Vision Housing Solutions Network hosted a workshop in Traverse City called Housing Partnerships 101. One of the speakers at the workshop was Jim Tischler, the director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) Community Development Program. Watch the video to hear what Tischler has to say about the opportunities for private sector involvement in housing, and the role housing plays in placemaking.


Housing Action: Affordable Housing in Northwest Michigan

The Housing Task Force, a Grand Vision Network, works to ensure sufficient housing choices for the region's workforce. Watch the video to find out more about the needs, challenges and solutions related to affordable housing in northwest lower Michigan. 

Student Video: Issues surrounding affordable housing were featured in a student video shown at The Grand Vision Your Action event in Traverse City. The video was produced for The Grand Vision Housing Network by Joe Bourdages and Rio Lopez-Wild of East Middle School, and Zander Lensch of Greenspire School in Traverse City.  


To be a part of the Housing Solutions Network check out the Google Group. For a list of dates and times for Housing Network monthly meetings and future events, please see the Calendar.

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