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Let's Decide How

The comprehensive process that developed The Grand Vision was based in large part upon citizen input. This is the hallmark of The Grand Vision – more than 12,000 people helped to decide on a future for the region.

This engagement of public input continues with


"Let'sDecideHow" is an online venue for community engagement, available to help local governments, non-profits, citizens, and businesses with sharing ideas, concerns, and suggestions for the greater Grand Traverse Region.


The web site is available to anyone in the region, and will be used by The Grand Vision Networks to facilitate public input for a variety of projects. This tool is just one of many examples of collaborative ventures involving the networks and local organizations and units of government.

The first project to use this online tool is a comprehensive regional planning project called Framework for Our Future: Tools and Strategies for Supporting The Grand Vision. Public input will be used to develop a regional framework of inventories, plans, model ordinances, and more. The tools and strategies within the framework will be available to local units of government to use for their communities. The focus of the framework aligns with the six guiding principles of The Grand Vision. Public input for the project is facilitated by The Grand Vision Networks.”

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